If your guild data is missing feel free to message or mail Marcone in game.

Broken WavePST8PM-12 PST8PM-12 PST8PM-12 PST
Caer CadarnsEuro [GMT +5]8PM-12 CET8PM-12 CET8PM-12 CET8PM-12 CET
Cult of Chaos8PM-12 ET8PM-12 ET8PM-12 ET
Darkwind XEuro [GMT +5]8PM-12 CET8PM-12 CET8PM-12 CET7PM-12 CET
Dragonbone Citadel8PM-11 ET8PM-11 ET8PM-11 ET8PM-11 ET
Echoes of Elysium8PM-12 ET8PM-12 ET8PM-12 ET
Entendre8PM-12 ET8PM-12 ET5PM-12 ET
Fallen CouncilEuro [GMT +5]7:30PM-12 CET7:30PM-12 CET6:30PM-12 CET
House of StrixAussie/Oceanic/Korean [GMT +10]7PM-11 AET7PM-11 AET6:30PM-11 AET
Imperfekt9PM-12 ET9PM-12 ET7PM-12 ET
Last of the Ancients7PM-11:30 ET7PM-11:30 ET
Mendacium8PM-12 ET8PM-12 ET6PM-12 ET
Original Gangster Club*Tues every 3rd week*7PM-? ET7PM-? ET7PM-? ET7PM-? ET
Resolute*Tues until progressed*8:30PM-12 ET8:30PM-12 ET6PM-12 ET
Rosengard IIIEuro [GMT +5]8PM-11 CET8PM-11 CET8PM-11 CET7PM-11 CET
Sad Dragons*Every other day*8PM-11:30 ET*8PM-11:30 ET*8PM-11:30 ET*8PM-11:30 ET*8PM-11:30 ET*8PM-11:30 ET*8PM-11:30 ET
Wake the Forsaken8PM-11 ET8PM-11 ET7PM-11 ET
Wild Treasureson instance timers (Formerly AoS)*8PM-? ET*8PM-? ET*8PM-? ET*8PM-? ET*8PM-? ET*6PM-? ET*6PM-? ET